Top 10 BTS Merchandise of 2018

BTS is one of the biggest bands on the planet right now, having recently become the first K-pop band ever to hit the top of the US Billboard 200. In other words, the world is finally catching on to what all faithful ARMY members have always known, which is that this multi-talented, fashionable group is making a bold statement that is going to change the musical world.

If you want to show off your loyalty to BTS, what better way to do it than through some cool BTS merchandise? Here are the 10 hottest BTS items for 2018!


  1. Taehyung's Earring

V is famous as much for his bling as for his musical and dance talent. Rock a replica of the cool tassel-style earring V wears in “DNA,” and you can glam up any outfit.
Check it out here!


  1. Floral BTSxARMY Pullover

If you’re going to buy just one thing to show your support for BTS, a soft, warm, comfy pullover is the perfect choice. It’s perfect for everyday wear, and can become your signature clothing item.
Check it out here!


  1. BTS Bias Ring

Who is your BTS bias? Tell the world with a stylish titanium ring. With its neutral color, this ring is a complement to your entire wardrobe.
Check it out here!


  1. BTS Bias Necklace

A BTS bias necklace is another way to share your support for your favorite BTS member. With its simple, modern design, this necklace looks great with all of your attire.
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  1. BTS iPhone Case

Don’t just buy bling for yourself—jazz up your technology too with a BTS iPhone case.  This is a great way to protect your phone from dust, dirt and damage while supporting the band you love.
Check it out here!


  1. BTS Bias Hoodie

A BTS bias hoodie is another fabulous way to let everyone know who your favorite BTS band member is while staying warm and cozy in every season.
Check it out here!


  1. Love Yourself Pullover

This awesome pullover lets you share your bias while also celebrating the success of BTS’s hit album.
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  1. BTS Floral Watch

With a this trendy floral watch celebrating your beloved K-pop idols, it’s always BTS time! Made from leather and stainless steel, this stylish accessory will be at home on any fan’s wrist for years to come.
Check it out here!


  1. BTS Skool Backpack

Let all your classmates know what a devoted fan you are with a cool BTS-themed backpack! It’s modish and useful, and might just get some of your friends curious about the band. That means more fans for the ARMY!
Check it out here!


  1. ARMY Chain

This chic, adjustable necklace is the perfect way to declare yourself a member of the BTS ARMY for now and all time!
Check it out here!


Now you know some of the fashion trends and accessories which BTS fans are sporting around the globe. Whether you go with a hoodie or pullover, a watch or jewelry item, or a backpack or iPhone case, you’ll be celebrating the band’s journey to worldwide success through your personal style. Outfit yourself in a full ARMY wardrobe, and you’ll be living the BTS life every day!

  • Jun 08, 2018
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Melissa Burkhart June 20, 2018

My friend and I have been Army for a little over 2yrs now and we are so proud of our beautiful talented boys! #ArmyForever

Ainafatin June 20, 2018

😍😍😍 i think i want it all😗
Wait, no money!!😭😭😭

angel avila June 29, 2018

I hope soon you’ll have an giveaway

geraldine panunucialman July 27, 2018

i really really love bts and also their musics and their personalities
and im proud of being an army for almost a year

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